Exclusive discount code for sequin dresses


Victray's collection of sequined shirts provide users with a comfortable wearing experience. The stretchy and breathable fabric allows the shirt to maintain its shape all day long, and the structured fit is perfect for the workplace or the beach. Be it casual or work, a sequined shirt will add glamor and make you stand out from the crowd.

More style recommendations:

1. Classic Button-Down Sequin Shirt: Classic button-down sequin shirt is suitable for formal events, office parties.
2. Sequin blouse with sheer panels: Create a bold look for an evening event, cocktail party or date night.
3. Sequin crop top: Pair a sequin crop top with a high-waisted skirt, sequin shorts or trousers to give your look a bold and stylish look, perfect for dancing the night away.
4. Sequin tank top: Sequin tank top can be worn as formal or casual, allowing you to highlight your personality and charm.
5. Off-shoulder sequined blouse: Wearing an off-shoulder sequined blouse will add a glamorous touch to your silhouette when attending an upscale dinner, formal event or evening wedding.