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Blue Sequin Dress

victray's collection of blue sequin dresses comes in a variety of shades, from deep navy and royal blue to light sky blue and aquamarine. Each blue color conveys a different atmosphere. If you like sequin dresses in the blue series, then please come to victray to have a look.

Blue sequin dress series

1. Navy Blue Sequin Gown: Navy blue is suitable for sequined gown dresses in mermaid or A-line silhouette styles. Navy blue sequined gown is perfect for formal events, galas and evening weddings.

2. Royal blue sequined cocktail dress: Royal blue is suitable for sequined cocktail dresses in tight or fit-and-flare styles. Bold and eye-catching, this royal blue sequin cocktail dress is perfect for cocktail parties, prom nights and upscale events.

3. Teal Blue Sequin Mini Dress: The teal blue sequin mini dress will make the wearer look playful and youthful, and it is perfect for young women. This teal sequin mini dress is perfect for parties and nights out.

4. Sky Blue Sequin Shift Dress: Light and airy, the sky blue sequin shift dress is perfect for summer events, beach parties and outdoor get-togethers. The straight silhouette gives the wearer a fitted yet relaxed fit.

5. Ice blue sequined ball gown: Ice blue looks light and ethereal. A sequined ballgown made of this color will make the wearer look as elegant as a princess in a fairy tale. It is a great choice for weddings, formal proms and romantic occasions.