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The rhinestone skirt series has various styles, and the ones we mainly sell include mesh rhinestone skirts, tassel rhinestone skirts, and metal chain rhinestone skirts. These stylish and glamorous skirts are suitable for nightclubs or parties and provide the wearer with a glamorous look.


The rhinestone skirts in our collection are mainly in black style, while the rhinestone metal chain skirts are available in silver or gold. Pair it with sparkling rhinestones to make you the center of attention at any event.


The mesh rhinestone skirt is made of black fishnet fabric with fine small rhinestones inlaid on the surface. The tassel skirt is made of crystal metal chains. The main body of the metal chain rhinestone skirt is a metal chain skirt, and the rhinestones inlaid on it are of different sizes and colors. These charming dresses reflect the sparkle in the light.