Stylish and elegant, sequined blazers can enhance the wearer's overall look and make the wearer look elegant and capable. Whether you are attending a formal event or a casual occasion, just wear a sequined blazer and it will make you stand out at the event.

More Sequin Blazer Styles

1. Classic Tuxedo Sequin Blazer: The classic tuxedo style sequin blazer features a tailored fit and satin lapels. Perfect for formal evenings, weddings or cocktail parties.
2. Long Sequin Blazer: The long sequin blazer has a chic and stylish look and is suitable for both formal and casual events.
3. Short sequined blazer: A short sequined blazer can add a youthful and playful feel to your outfit. It can be worn as a party dress for a night out or a casual party.
4. Double-breasted sequin blazer: The double-breasted sequin blazer exudes authority and sophistication and is suitable for formal events and business occasions.
5. Oversized sequined blazer: An oversized sequined blazer is perfect for pairing with jeans or a dress, it will make you look chic and effortless.
6. Sequined blazer with shawl collar: Sequined blazer with shawl collar has a wide round collar that extends to the lapel. It is suitable for matching with wide-leg pants or a tailored skirt.
7. Single-button sequin blazer: The single-button sequin blazer features a simple, streamlined design with a single-button closure. They look clean and stylish.