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Reflective jackets reflect light when exposed to it, enhancing the wearer's visibility and safety at night or in low-light environments. These jackets are commonly used for fashion, outdoor activities, night sports, and other occasions.

Common Categories

💖1. Reflective Material Types
Reflective jackets achieve their effect through reflective coatings, fabrics, threads, and other materials.

💖2. Style and Design
Reflective jackets come in various styles, similar to ordinary jackets, including sports, outdoor, and casual designs.

💖3. Color and Pattern
These jackets are typically made in bright colors, often incorporating reflective elements in the form of lines, plaids, patterns, and more.

Application Scenarios

💖1. Night Sports and Outdoor Activities
Reflective jackets are suitable for activities like night running, cycling, hiking, and other outdoor sports.

💖2. Nightclubs and Nightlife
In venues like nightclubs, reflective jackets create a flashing effect under lights, adding to the wearer's fashion appeal and drawing attention.

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