If you like wearing sequins, you should invest in some sequin leggings, joggers, or trousers for the holiday season, particularly if you plan to attend festivities at a cool location. Even those of you who don't generally like sequins could find the glitz and novelty of sequined trousers appealing. It's funny since I still love the sequin leggings I bought for the first time approximately 11 years ago.

Wear a Chic Blouse to Embrace the Classics

Accept the classics first. For a glamorous appearance, pair your black sequin trousers with a stylish top. A silk or satin shirt in an ivory or white color provides a touch of sophistication and balances the look, making it easy to go from dinner to the dance floor.

Wear a Knit Sweater to Uplift Casual

A comfortable knit sweater will look beautiful but be more laid-back. A stylish appearance is produced by the contrast between the relaxed knit and the glitz of the sequins. To keep the ensemble looking put-together, go for a sweater in a complementary hue.

Use a Bold Top to Make a Statement

Don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd while wearing a shirt that is brightly colored or patterned. A statement red blouse or an animal print shirt may liven up your ensemble and turn heads with their head-turning blend of confidence and style.

Look Sharp in a Leather Jacket

Wear a leather jacket with your black sequin pants to add a little edge to your look. This combination creates a style that's both street-chic and elegant by counterbalancing the sequins' sparkle with a sense of defiance.

Wear a black top and keep it monochromatic.

Keep it simple and monochromatic for a chic appearance. For a sleek look, pair your black top with your black sequin leggings. This understated style preserves a professional appearance while letting the sequins steal the show.

For a Power Look, Add a Blazer

Add a fitted jacket to your black sequin trousers to turn them into a power ensemble. The ideal harmony between elegance and sophistication is achieved by this combination. To create a unified and professional look, go for a blazer in a complimentary hue.

The shoes you wear matter

Your selection of shoes may either enhance or detract from the ensemble. Ankle boots give off an edged, more relaxed attitude, while stilettos or strappy heels offer a dash of glitz. When choosing your shoes, take the occasion and the overall aesthetic into account.

Few Add-ons for Maximum Effect

Keep your accessories simple so that your sequin pants take center stage. A striking handbag or a classy set of earrings may finish the appearance without drawing too much attention to themselves. Keep in mind that when styling with sequins, less is sometimes more.

Shine on, friend

What else do you want to know about how to wear sequins? Reach out and ask. Otherwise, I’ll see you out on the feeds, sparkling with confidence.