Hey, fashionable women, are you worried about what to wear to the party today? Looking at the dazzling wardrobe, I understand your confusion, don’t worry about it. What to wear today? Let the wheel decide! Say goodbye to the fear of choosing and find party outfits with ease.

Choice Phobia Disorder

So first let’s understand whether you have choice phobia. Do you find it difficult to make decisions or even feel anxious when faced with multiple choices? If the answer is yes, then I'm sorry to tell you that you have a phobia of choice. Don’t worry, for women, choice phobia is very common in daily life, especially when they need to choose a party outfit.
Choice Phobia Disorder

Just imagine, when you open your wardrobe and see clothes of various styles and colors, do you feel dizzy and overwhelmed? Are you worried that you are not fashionable enough or not gregarious enough? These worries and anxieties will exacerbate your fear of choice and make it difficult for you to make the best choice.

turntable decision method

Instead of standing in front of your closet and worrying about it, use the turntable to decide what you want to wear today. This is a simple and practical way to help you overcome your fear of choice and choose party outfits with ease. So how to do it?
turntable decision method

You will need to prepare a carousel with all your party outfits. Then create your turntable using cardboard, paper, or a turntable template available online.
Sort your party clothes into categories and write their names or pictures on the spinner.
Close your eyes and spin the wheel randomly.
Open your eyes and look at the clothing the carousel points to.
According to the instructions on the turntable, select the corresponding clothing.
Of course, you can also adjust the turntable according to your own preferences and needs. For example, you can assign different weights to each category, or add some random elements to make the outfit more interesting.

Benefits of the wheel decision method

The wheel decision method can not only reduce your phobia of choice and relieve anxiety. It can also make you feel comfortable and save time and energy in the entangled process, allowing you to focus more on enjoying the party. The wheel decision method also allows you to think outside the box and try some combinations that you normally wouldn’t dare to try.Benefits of the wheel decision method

Tips for using the turntable decision method

Here are some tips to help you make turntables easier. You can choose the right outfit based on the theme, time, location and other factors of the party you are attending. If you have too many costumes, just randomly select the appropriate amount. It can also add some random elements to your turntable to make your outfit more interesting and bring you some unexpected surprises. For example, you can add some clothes that you don't usually wear to the spinner and see what kind of sparks come out.

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