I believe that Ariel, the LITTLE_MERMAIDD0, is an iconic character loved by most audiences. Whether it is her beautiful fish tail, charming voice or adventurous spirit for love, these are the factors that make the audience like her. However, when this underwater princess wears What would it be like to wear a sequin dress? Friends who want to know, please continue reading!

As the daughter of the sea, Ariel is a well-deserved treasure of the ocean. Her fiery red hair, blue eyes and beautiful face make people extremely fascinated by her. Of course, I am the same. The author summarizes the different characteristics of Ariel and the sequin dress that suits her.

Classic Ariel

This is the most familiar image of Ariel. It is easy for people to focus on her fishtail, so an emerald green or cyan sequin dress matches her overall image very well.
The best style is to choose a strapless sweetheart neckline or a body-hugging style, which will give you a classic mermaid silhouette.
Choosing sequins of different sizes and shapes can make a dress appear more three-dimensional and layered.

Classic Ariel

Adventurous ariel

Ariel's love of adventure is one of her personality traits, and choosing bright, bold colors like fuchsia or turquoise will reflect her adventurous spirit.
Choosing a one-shoulder or high-slit design not only facilitates her activities, but also shows her courage to explore and be bold.
You can choose a sequin design with a geometric pattern to make the dress look more avant-garde.

adventurous ariel

Romantic ariel

Ariel, who pursues love persistently, is undoubtedly very romantic, and she can endure great pain and suffering. So when choosing a sequin dress, consider soft, dreamy lavender or light pink.
Legs that have grown through hardship are undoubtedly very valuable, so the mini-length design with delicate spaghetti straps and layered skirt can show off her beautiful legs and gentle temperament.
Delicate, tiny sequins can add a touch of sparkle to a dress without being overwhelming.

romantic ariel

Ariel under the sea

If you were to hold a party for Ariel under the sea, what style of sequin dress would you choose for her? The author’s choice is to imitate the deep gradient color of the ocean. You can choose a transitional tone from dark blue to light green to make the dress more magical like the ocean.
In order to fit the marine theme in style, it is best to decorate the dress with small accessories such as shells, starfish and conches.
Glitter in blue, green or silver can also mimic scales, seaweed and other marine elements. Make the dress more vivid.
Ariel under the sea

These are just some of the images of Ariel in my eyes. Just like Hamlet, there are a thousand images in the eyes of a thousand people. If you have other images of Ariel in your mind, please leave a message. I hope we can discuss with you how to choose a suitable sequin dress for the LITTLE_MERMAIDD0.


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