Welcome to this article, dear readers. Next, please prepare the items you need according to the list of materials and tools I provided. Once everything is ready, we can start making your sequin skirt!
Prepare sewing materials
1. sequin fabric: choose your favorite color and pattern of sequin fabric.
2. Lining fabric: Use it for the lining of the skirt for added comfort.
3. Zipper or elastic band: choose the right closure according to your design.
4. Sewing machine: to sew the fabric quickly and accurately.
5. Sewing thread: choose a thread that is similar in color to the sequin fabric.
6. Scissors: for cutting the fabric.
7. Tape Measure: to measure waist, hip and skirt length.
8. Big pin: to fix the fabric.

Measurements and tailoring

1. Measuring and Cutting

Waist circumference: Measure your waist circumference with a tape measure and record the size.
Hip circumference: measure the largest part of your hip circumference.
Skirt length: from the waist to the length you want your skirt to be.

Cut the sequin fabric and lining fabric:

Based on the measurements cut the sequin fabric and lining fabric to the appropriate shape, usually a rectangle.
Width of the rectangle = hip circumference + 10 cm (for allowance and seam allowance).
Length of the rectangle = length of the skirt + 2 cm (for the top and bottom hems).

Sew skirt side seams

2. Sewing side seams of the skirt

Sequin fabric side seams:

1. Align the two short edges (side seams) of the sequinned fabric front to front and secure with a big pin.
2. Sew with a sewing machine with a slightly larger stitch to prevent the sequins from breaking. Be careful not to pull the fabric during the sewing process to prevent the sequins from falling off.

Lining fabric side sewing:

1. handle the lining fabric in the same way.
2. You can use a normal stitch as the lining fabric usually does not have sequins.

Sew lining for sequin skirt

3. Install the lining

Place the lining fabric inside the sequin fabric, front to front, making sure the top and bottom edges are aligned.
Secure the top edge with a large head pin.

Sewing the waist of the skirt

4. Treating the Waist

Common closures include elastic waistbands and zippers, choose accordingly to your needs.

Elastic waistband:

1. Sew the ends of the waistband together to form a loop, making sure the seams are secure.
2. Align the edges of the waistband with the top edge of the skirt and secure with a large head pin in four equal parts (divide the waistband and skirt evenly into four parts and mark them with a large head pin).
3. Stretch the waistband so that it is equal to the top edge of the skirt while sewing.


1. leave the length of the zipper at the side seam (about 15-20 cm) and secure the zipper at the opening.
2. Use a hand needle to secure the zipper first, and then sew the zipper with a sewing machine.

Sewing skirt hem

5. Processing the hemline

Great, now the hemline is sewn together and you're done.

Fold the hem of the sequin fabric and the lining fabric by about 1 cm and secure it with a big pin.
Stitch with a sewing machine, making sure the edges are neat.

Some notes

Choosing the right needle: The sequin fabric is stiff, so a 90/14 or 100/16 sewing machine needle is recommended.
Stitch Adjustment: Use a larger stitch (e.g. 3-4 mm) to prevent sequins from breaking.
Slow down: When sewing sequin fabrics, slow down the sewing speed to ensure that the needle can pass through the sequins smoothly.
Use a liner: Place a thin piece of paper on top of the sequin fabric and sew, tearing off the paper after sewing will prevent the sequins from snagging on the sewing machine.
Be careful with sequins: Be careful when handling sequin fabrics as sequins can scratch skin or sewing machine needles.
Hand sewing: you can hand sew some detail parts, such as the sewing of the waistband and the installation of the zipper, to ensure better results.

Following these suggestions, I am sure you can easily sew a sequin skirt that fits your style. After you finish sewing, please remember to check the threads and other details, and better yet, try it on to get a feel of how it looks on. Good luck with your crafting and have fun with your handmade items!



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