Can't find that perfect sequin dress? Or want to create a one-of-a-kind one yourself? Well, I've got you figured out, so let me walk you through how to make a sequin dress today (hey, my own DIY skills are mediocre, but it's okay to help guide you). Get your notes ready, this next part is a big deal.

Have you got your notebook? Now it's time to start preparing the materials, but of course, if your memory is super good, you don't have to take notes so seriously (hey, my memory is a disaster).

Material Preparation

Dress: You can choose a monochromatic dress so that there's more room for you to play around with it, or if you're partial to a patterned one that's totally fine too, it might challenge your DIY skills a bit more.

Sequins: Sequins are the soul of this piece and you can find them at craft stores or online platforms. Sequins come in various sizes and shapes, and it's best to plan your design before picking them. You can use a single size of sequins or mix different sizes and colors, so unleash your creativity! (Er, I mean within control.)

Sew or glue: If you're confident that your sewing skills are okay, we recommend sewing on with thread so that the sequins will be more secure. However, if you're looking for something quick and easy, it's also very convenient to use glue or a hot glue gun.
Sewing preparation: Choose a thread that is similar in color to the dress, so that the stitching will be almost invisible and perfect. If you want to speed up the sewing process, a sewing machine is a good helper. Don't forget scissors so you don't have to look around when you need to cut thread or trim fabric.

Glue or Hot Glue Gun: If you choose to use glue, a hot glue gun is a great option, especially if you need extra holding power or are dealing with tiny parts. (Convenient DIY, okay, I'm just trying to say lazy method)

Dissolvable markers: poor sense of direction? Use a dissolvable marker to mark the position of the sequins, this will help you ensure the accuracy of your design, a very useful tool.

Lining (optional): If you have sensitive skin, it is recommended to add a layer of lining to the sewing area, which not only provides a comfortable wearing experience, but also enhances the structural strength of the dress.

Points to note

Great, you've got a good idea of what materials you'll need, but there are a few more key points to keep in mind (it's really no nonsense, so listen up!) .

Like I mentioned before, you can go for monochromatic or patterned dresses. But be careful, avoid fabrics that are too heavy or stretchy, as the sequins may not stick well (don't blame me if they fall off because you didn't pay attention to this point).

If you choose a patterned dress, you'll have to figure out how to match the sequins with the pattern, color and shape of the dress. While I'm all for showing personality, I won't say much if it's weird ...... Ignore that, dear readers.

Dress Code: According to my research, popular A-line dresses or strapless dresses are especially good for adding sequins. The waist and neckline in particular are ideal places to adorn sequins.

Adjustability: Here's a super practical tip - choose dresses that are simple and easy to alter so you can change them later. Adjusting the layout of the sequins makes it easy to change to a new style, so one dress can be used in many ways, isn't that great?

Preparation for adding sequins to a dress

Can't wait to start adding sequins to your dress? Haha, I know how you feel, but preparation is very important. (Please bear with me for the rest of this paragraph)

Check the condition of your outfit: first you need to start by checking your dress for any wear, tear or other damage.

Clean the dress: please clean your dress carefully, you need to let the surface of the dress be cleaned of any dust dirt or chemicals. This is a must for ensuring that the sequins can be firmly adhered to the surface of the dress.

Iron it neatly: Yes just like you normally do, iron the surface of the dress to make it flat and smooth, the sequins will adhere more easily and last longer on a flat surface.

POSITION DESIGN AREAS: Please take out the soluble markers that you have prepared earlier and mark the areas of your dress where you need to sew or attach the sequins. (I'm pretty sure you're ready for this)

Reinforcement of the garment structure: if you plan to have areas where you need to sew sequins on that affect the structure of the garment, please reinforce those structures beforehand to maintain the overall integrity of the garment.

Whew, that's it, let's get started on adding sequins to the dress next! (I'm sure you'll read the whole thing)

Starting to add sequins

Finally the most exciting part, all the preparations are in place and now it's time to start adding sequins to the dress:

Arranging the sequins: follow your design plan and arrange the sequins to their intended place on the dress. If you followed my advice and marked the positions with a soluble marker, then this step should be fairly easy.

Secure the sequins: if you chose to sew them, use a sewing needle and thread to pass through the center of the sequins and securely sew them attached to the dress. For larger sequins, it's a good idea to sew a few extra stitches around the edges to make sure they are secure. If you choose to use glue, then apply a liberal amount of glue to the bottom of the sequins and gently press onto the dress to ensure a tight fit.

Stay patient: yes, whether you're sewing or gluing, the process can seem a bit monotonous, especially if you have a lot of sequins or an intricate pattern. This is the time when you need to drop everything else and add sequins one by one with patience and dedication so that you can ensure that the end result is beautiful and long-lasting.

Oh, the big success! Once the sequins are firmly attached to the dress, you can try it on to see how it looks (it's perfect). The next time you attend any event, you can wear this homemade work of art, and when someone asks where you got your dress, tell them out loud that you made it yourself. If you'd be happy to share that it was made under the guidance of VICTRAY, I'd be so grateful (and as a thank you, you'll get a special discount code).



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