If you are interested in fashion, then the decorative element of sequins will certainly not be new to you. Sequins are very popular for their ability to add a unique shimmering effect to garments, but at the same time they are also very fragile. Properly drying sequin-embellished clothing is a task that requires extra attention, as mishandling can easily lead to damage. Many fashion enthusiasts are also often confused as to whether or not it is possible to dry sequin embellished clothing in the dryer. This guide aims to answer such questions and provide necessary care advice. Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty.

Understanding sequins

The basics of sequin fabrics

The use of sequins as a decorative element dates back to ancient civilizations, when people used small metal pieces to decorate clothing as a way of showing status and identity. Over time, sequin materials and production techniques have evolved, and modern sequin fabrics have become commonplace for high fashion, evening gowns, and a variety of stage costumes, where their unique shimmering effect brings endless glamor and focus to the wearer.

Importance of attachment method and backing

Because the method of attaching sequins and the backing fabric used determine the quality and durability of the final product. So knowing this knowledge will save you a lot of effort in taking care of your sequins. Traditionally, sequins were sewn onto the backing fabric by hand, a method that was solid but a tedious and costly process. With the advancement of technology, most sequins are now sewn or pasted onto the backing fabric by machine, which not only improves productivity but also reduces cost. The material of the backing fabric is also extremely important. High-quality backing fabric can better support the sequins and make the garment more durable and comfortable.

Different types of sequins and their characteristics

Sequins come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Plastic sequins are the most common, offering versatility and a wide range of colors, but may fade in heat or prolonged exposure to sunlight. Metallic sequins, while less common, have a unique shine and weight that add a luxurious touch to garments, but can discolor due to oxidation.

Risks of Drying Sequins in the Dryer

Having learned about sequins, let's next reveal the answer to the topic of whether or not sequins can be dried in a dryer.

Potential Damage to Sequin Items

Dryers are highly unsuitable for drying sequin garments; the high ambient temperatures and constant tumbling action of a dryer can cause serious damage to sequins, including distorting them, melting them, or causing them to fall off the garment altogether. Such damage not only reduces the overall beauty and appeal of the garment, but it can also cause the shiny, eye-catching embellishments to lose their luster and charm, depriving your garment of its original sparkle.

Impact on the dryer

In addition to the direct damage caused by sequins, drying items with sequins in the dryer can also pose a risk to the dryer itself. If sequins become dislodged during the drying process, they can become entangled in the dryer's drum or block the vents, which may not only cause the dryer to function poorly, but may also lead to more serious mechanical problems. In extreme cases, loose sequins can even cause a fire, posing a safety hazard.

Natural air drying

Since you can't use a dryer, how do you dry sequins? The safest and most practical way to dry sequins is to air-dry them naturally, which takes longer, but allows them to retain their original luster and charm.

Before air-drying, you can gently squeeze out the excess water from the washed clothes, but remember not to twist or squeeze to avoid damaging the sequins. Then, lay the garment flat on a clean and dry towel and choose a cool place out of direct sunlight, as direct exposure to sunlight may cause the color of the sequins to fade or become distorted. In addition, the heat of the sun may melt the sequin adhesive, which could damage the garment.

Gently turning the garment occasionally during the drying process will help the garment to dry evenly from all angles, while also preventing any color transfer or sequin damage that may occur due to prolonged exposure to a wet cloth.

I'm sure you already know from the author's overview that sequins can't be dried in the dryer. And caring for sequin garments requires gentle hands and a little patience to keep your sequin items sparkling. So that it can accompany you for a longer period of time, so that you in more occasions to radiate a dazzling light.


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