Completely feel at a loss for what to wear when you receive a luxurious invitation with lace, which reads "cocktail attire"? Don’t be confused! We are showing you 8 must-know dos and don’ts of cocktail attire that will ensure you're always dressed appropriately. Keep scrolling to discover how to look your chicest at your next cocktail event.

1. Don’t show up in jeans / Do sleek trousers

        Jeans are probably one of the most comfortable ways to dress in your mind, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that. But it doesn't fall under the category of formal wear, so you may have to forgo the choice of jeans when attending a cocktail party. Formal wear doesn't have to be dressy, though - polished trousers work just as well. Opt for loose, draped trousers or jumpers. High-waisted trousers are better at slimming your proportions and making you look taller. It's best to choose shiny fabrics, such as sequin and rhinestone trousers, which will make you look less monotonous in a crowd.

2. Don't wear maxi skirts /Do midi sized dresses

      The purpose of cocktail parties is mostly to meet new friends or catch up with old friends by touching glasses. Everyone takes turns to say hello with glasses. The need to move in the crowd determines that maxi dress that sweeping the floor will make it difficult for you to move, and wearing a skirt too short is suspected of going to a nightclub. For friends who meet for the first time, only dignified and elegant clothes can make a good impression. Don't wear the cocktail attire with too long or too wide sleeves or have many complicated decorations, so as to avoid embarrassing situations caused by scraping off drinks of the people around.

3. Don't wear too casual shoes /Do high heels

        High heels can make you look more elegant. In particular, thin high heels, which can highlight the slender and small size of women's ankles and feet and add women's charm. Open instep pointed shoes can visually lengthen the legs and modify the leg lines. It is difficult for you to do this with sports shoes, slippers and other flat shoes that make you feel comfortable. Of course, these too casual shoes are not considered as cocktail outfits.

4. Don’t choose overly revealing outfit / Do hemlines and necklines appropriate

       In case you needed a reminder, a cocktail party is different than a girl's night out. The skirt length should not be shorter than half of the leg length, and low-cut tops are not suitable for this occasion. Backless dress are gorgeous, but avoid being too sexy. 

5. Don’t carry oversized or heavy bag / Do it with a clutch

       Since you are standing and walking all night at the cocktail party, you should choose a clutch. Don't carry shoulder bags or large handbags, they are too heavy and will inconvenience your movement. The largest bag on this occasion should not exceed twice the size of your hand. In this way, you can hold it in one hand, about the height above and below the waist.

6. Don't wear too much ostentatious jewelry / Do one standout accessory

         Accessories go a long way in elevating your outfit, choose a piece from your accessory cabinet that will not only stand out but also complements your dress. You need to weigh necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, etc. choose one or two standout jewelry. Don't be fully armed. Wearing too much will be regarded as showing off.

7. Don't wear too many different colors / Do one or two colors of the look

      It is safer to wear black or white cocktail attire at the cocktail party attended by many people. If there are no requirements, you can choose bright clothes, which will make you more eye-catching. But remember not to wear too many different colors, which will make the other party feel that you are not stable enough, and it's hard to make a good impression on people who meet for the first time.

8. Don’t let your makeup and hair look messy / Do keep your makeup clean

      There are many kinds of hair styles to attend the cocktail: you can roll up to expose the beautiful lines of the neck, or you can spread your hair, but it is necessary to spread it in a style. Using stereotypes to keep your hair neat is an effective way. For cosmetic purposes, avoid wearing lip color and eye shadow that is not suitable for clothing, wear cotton pads and wipe out the dizzy eye liner and lipstick when necessary.




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